“Project” Is a Four Letter Word “Project” Is a Four Letter Word “Project” Is a Four Letter Word “Project” Is a Four Letter Word “Project” Is a Four Letter Word

“Project” Is a Four Letter Word

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“I need to make a three dimensional floating atom.” “I need to create a pop-up book from scratch.” “I need to make a model of twelfth century city and with historically accurate buildings, faux foliage and people dressed in native costumes.” Each time one of my three daughters mentions a new school project, globs of […]

Just Sound it Out

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When Hannah was six, it became a popular dinner time activity to give her a word to spell or a math problem to solve. One particular night, her three year old sister, Gabriella, asked to join in. “Mommy, can I ask Hannah some questions too?” Gabriella piped in. “Sure honey, go ahead.” “Okay Hannah, can […]

Prompt: Write an Introduction

Oct. 24th | Posted by 815-888-0400
Write an introduction explaining your own reasons to create a MOMoir and why you feel it is important.

Dogs will be dogs

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One day, when our middle daughter was five, her dad found her sitting on the floor next to our new puppy, Pearl, obviously distraught over something. “What’s the matter?” her dad asked. “Pearl doesn’t love me anymore.” “Why do you think that?” “Remember when we first picked her up? She put her head on my […]